An alleged acid attack in Stroudsburg turns into a drug investigation.

A man severely burned was found last night in an alley on Scott Street and claimed someone threw acid on him.

Police say that never happened and the incident actually started inside a nearby home on North 6th Street.

Neighbor Brad Sied says, "I was sitting on my back porch and I saw a man, there was a fireball that he threw out of the house."

Sied tells News13 something clearly caught fire last night inside this apartment on North 6th Street in Stroudsburg and the object that was as big as a basketball was tossed outside. Just before 8 PM, passerby Louis Manzie heard a man calling for help in the alley behind the home and called 911.

Manzie says, "He was burned from head to toe to the point where his clothes had burned off and he was in rough shape."

Police say the injured man claimed someone dumped acid on him. He was taken by ambulance to Stroudsburg High School where he was flown to a hospital. Police confirm he remains in critical condition today but their investigation revealed the attack never happened. Instead, it was a result of what Sied saw. The landlord didn’t want to be on camera but tells us the fire incident was drug related.

The landlord says, "A tenant of mine invited a couple into her house and then she left them in the house by themselves. They invited somebody else in who started cooking some type of drug. There was an explosion and a fire and the person who was trying to manufacture the drugs was injured."

According to police, the injured man was near the rear door of the residence when the incident occurred. He then fled to the alley. A search warrant reveals materials known to be used for manufacturing methamphetamines were found.

Seid says, "This is too nice a neighborhood for this type of activity, you know, I think a lot of the neighbors are furious. I’m angry, I really am. I think the landlords need to know who they’re renting to."

The landlord agrees the incident is totally unacceptable.

The landlord adds, "I just don’t take the first person who comes across the threshold with some money. I do try to do background checks. I do try to make sure that they’re not only able to pay but they’re also good people that are not going to cause problems. I’m extremely upset about this."

Police want you to know this is an isolated incident and there is no danger to the community. No charges have been filed because it is an ongoing investigation.