Part of the Poconos gets ready to celebrate the last hoorah of the summer.

There will be plenty of wildness on the water for the 10th Anniversary of Wally Lake Fest.

But it wasn’t always a happening weekend in the Lake Region.

The weekend before Labor Day used to be dead at Lake Wallenpaupack.

“All the kids went back to school and kids went to college and it was just slow.”

Sarah O’fee points out a decade ago many local businesses were treading water to stay afloat

 “If we could put a festival together for this weekend it could make the summer last just a little bit longer “

That’s where the concept for Wally Lake Fest was born.

“Its hard to believe this didn’t exist 10 years ago but we made this far so it’s exciting to celebrate it.

Ten years later, the three day festival has ridden a wave of success.

“ It trumps memorial day, fourth of July, labor day you name it, it’s the busiest weekend of the year. “

Joe Regenski, owner of Gresham's Chop House, expects more than 10 –thousand people to flood the lake over the weekend.

“There are people coming up from Delaware, from Philadelphia, people are coming from all over and are excited about it.

And businesses owners like Regenski credit that surge for keeping their heads above water.

“It’s such a huge economic impact for the whole area for some business, this will help get them through the entire winter. “

And with plenty of music and entertainment lined up, O’fee anticipates the crowd to be drowning in fun.

“There is going to be plenty of fun on water and on land, we are going to have food, drinks, music you name it we got it.

Wally Lake Fest kicks off tomorrow and the party runs through Sunday.

For more information on events taking place over the weekend you can check out the festival website.