Fair season is still in full swing in Wayne County for the annual Greene Dreher Sterling Fair.

The fair has been a staple in Wayne County for more than a century.

But every year fair officials are seeing attendance decline.

But with favorable weather in the forecast, organizers hope to see those numbers improve.

Robert Lederer takes pride in seeing the GDS fair open its gates for the 102nd year in a row.

“Most of the people who participate in this fair are local people and its ingrained in them generation after generation.”

Lederer calls agriculture the backbone of this fair. Which makes it unique from some of the others.

“It’s a farm type of environment and many of the people who come to this fair have never seen an animal like that up close.”

That’s one of the main draws that brings Doris Shadele and her husband back year after year.

“You get to see the farm animals and things you don’t usually see.”

But Lederer points out attendance isn’t what it used to be.

“I really think the reason is people have just too much to do now. “

Vendors have noticed a similar pattern, but they appreciate the quaint crowd.

“You see all the people you know, people you went to school with and it’s a real down home country fair..

And for Eric Marchione, working the fair has been a family tradition passed down to each generation.

“ My father, my grandfather, my aunts, uncles and everyone works at this fari which is pretty cool we are all working having fun. “

And its that family oriented environment that Marchione credits for bring people back for over a century.

“You have just a great group of people and its only 8 bucks which is an affordable price for the entire family. “

Admission is 8 dollars and the fair runs through next Sunday.