A man is in court today charged with wreaking havoc at a pizza parlor in Monroe County.

It happened earlier this month in the parking lot of Coppola’s Pizzeria in Analomink.

Vehicles were damaged and a shot was fired.

Victim Cephas Nyemba literally did not know what hit him.

Nyemba says, "Stepped out of my car and checked to see what was happening and I realized yeah I’m involved with another vehicle and he was driving away."

He tells us he was sitting in the parking lot of Coppola’s Pizzeria on Paradise Trail in Analomink looking at his phone for directions when his car was hit.

Nyemba says, "I checked myself and I realized good enough, I have not been hurt but my car was pushed quite some distance and I was shaken, afraid."

Police say that driver is Ronald Strunk Jr. He was in court today on charges he hit several vehicles and fired a shot at two 911 callers on August 11th. On his way into the district justice, News13 asked him what he’d like people to know about this incident:

Strunk replied, "It’s all wrong."

When police arrived they located the reported white truck stuck in the woods behind Coppola’s Pizzeria. Police say Strunk refused to exit the vehicle and a brief 30 minute stand-off ensued. He then climbed onto the roof. There was a brief struggle and he was eventually taken into custody.

Multiple family members came out to support Strunk today.

Nyemba estimates the damages to his vehicle will cost around three thousand dollars. But he doesn’t just want the defendant to be punished, he also hopes he gets help.

Nyemba, "Some assistance that can change and transform his life in a wholesome way. I don’t just want to see him in trouble. He’s probably a good person, he’s got family members, children, a wife probably and other extended family members that want to see something good come out of it, and that’s what I pray for him."

Strunk waived his right to a preliminary hearing today and all charges were sent to Monroe County Court. Previously, the Commonwealth had his bail revoked for public safety.