Residents in Palmerton are expressing concerns over potential plans for the controlled burn of a vacant home.

The double home structure on Lehigh Avenue was purchased by the borough years ago when they built the new fire department. Instead of demolishing the building, Palmerton Fire Chief proposed they conduct a controlled burn for training purposes.

Residents say the property is too close to other properties. Council wants to assure residents no decision has been made at this time on what will be done as they are still gathering information.

"Council will take this all into consideration there still needs to be some questions answered about insurance so these are the things to be considered before council makes a decision," said Borough Manager Donna McGarry. 

Officials say the controlled burn would take place over a course of a few hours, starting one room at a time on the third floor. Any flammable materials would have to be removed prior to the start. State fire officials would be on scene for the duration of the burn to ensure safety.