A horse has returned home after a fire in Pike County.

11 horses were killed in a suspicious barn fire that took place August 30th in Milford Township.

The 11 horses were trapped inside the barn, but one was able to escape from the flames.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Eddie Ryman.

“There are no words I can use to say how it feels to lose 11 innocent friends. “

He’s trying pick up the pieces after a suspicious fire killed 11 horses at his farm in Milford.

“I have to keep smiling because if I think of the other end. I can’t”

Only two horses survived the fire. Willy was outside the barn, while Uptown was trapped inside.

“He suffered third degree burns, he was on fire when he was let out of the barn. “

After weeks of intense vet care, the horse returned to the farm today.

“We didn’t know how he was going to react when he came back so we are pleasantly surprised. “

Scars now blanket Uptown’s face and body.

“He’s got medicine we have to give him every morning and creams on his burns. “

But despite the scars, Uptown’s recovery is going better than the Ryman’s expected.

“He’s being sociable, he’s coming up to people and we weren’t sure what was going to happen we got him back. “

“His spirit isn’t broken and neither is ours”

Ryman points out the barn wasn’t insured, but he’s determined to rise from the ashes and rebuild.

“I’m not going to let them beat me and we are going to keep moving forward on this. “

Even if that mean’s rehabbing the barn from the ground up – one board at a time.

"If we can get together enough money, we will rebuild the barn and hopefully have the horses ready for riding by the spring. "

The Ryman family thanks the community for the outpouring of support.

A GoFund Me page has been set up to help pay for some of the damages and vet bills.