A fire is under investigation in Monroe County’s West End.

Flames broke out early this morning in a private community in Polk Township.

We’re told the house is used as a vacation home.

Neighbor Joel Martini says,"The lights were going. We looked out the front window there and saw they had about four fire trucks and a rescue truck out front. The whole house was engulfed."

Martini took a video of the fire from across the street on Queens Way in Robin Hood Lakes. We’re told another neighbor called in the flames around 2:30 this morning.

Polk Township Volunteer Firefighter Chad Snyder says, "At that point flames were pretty much everywhere. The front of the building, facing the roadway had collapsed at this point. The sides on each side were burned through and the roof was three quarters involved."

Five different fire departments responded and had their work cut out for them putting out the blaze.

Snyder explains, "We had to get a water supply off of the main road from I think they were using a pond and shuttle it into a tank and pump it down to the scene."

The trees above the home caught fire and there’s a lot of trees that could’ve easily spread the fire to the surrounding homes. 

Martini says, "They had plenty of trucks. They had about two hoses on it the whole time so they were doing a good job of keeping it contained."

Snyder tells us it was a vacation home that was rarely used.

Neighbor Bill Milburn says, "I’ve been here almost 30 years and I’ve never seen anybody at the house except doing some repairs and stuff, but as of recent there’s been nobody around and you know I was surprised, I figured maybe the electric was still on or something and that may have been what happened over there."

A fire marshal was trying to find the cause today but it remains under investigation at this time.