A festival this weekend will celebrate the diverse industrial heritage of Wayne County.

People will be filling the streets in downtown Honesdale for its 3rd annual Steampunk Festival.

The event has gotten bigger each year. Many even dress up and cosplay for the weekend long celebration.

Steampunk – a weekend long festival will celebrate Honesdale’s historical past and where it came from.

“So that’s what we are trying to do. Celebrate Honesdale’s history and mix in a little Victorian flare.

But a little flare, might be an understatement. Elaborate costumes have become a staple on the streets at Steampunk.

“People do all sorts of things, we have seen everything from a pirate flare, it has its own unique thing. “

For Batten the festivals a chance for people to explore the fate of the world if electricity was never invented.

“If all we had were mechanisms and everything had to go from gears working to mechanisms what would it look like and how would we function. “

Historic Main Street will be filled with all kinds of merchandise offered by local stores, area vendors, and steampunk artists.

“There is a lot of vendors involved, food involved crafts involved, there is going to be a train ride and we are going to have speedsters and you can hop on them free if you ride the train. “

But steampunk means something different to everyone. Wilken points out this is what makes the festival unique.

“Everybody likes to put a different spin on it, they kind of embrace their own reality of what this is and it kind of works. “

But most importantly, the festival attracts people from all over to explore Honesdale for the first time.

“The more people we bring in for events that don’t live here or work here, the more they want to come back and see what else we have. “

“The local stores see an uptick in sales and people who never came here before get a chance to explore our historic little town.

The festival takes place all weekend long in downtown Honesdale. “