Trails across our region see a lot of traffic year-round.

Heading into fall, officials are reminding trail-goers how to stay safe.They say it all comes down to knowing proper trail etiquette.

"We want people to be nice and we want them to share the trail," said Brian Greene, trail programs manager at the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor.

The D&L Trail runs through Carbon, Northampton, and Lehigh Counties. It handles lots of traffic every day.

"Bikers, walkers, hikers, runners, families pushing strollers, and people walking their dogs," said Greene.

That means there's a lot visitors need to be aware of.

"Pay attention to where you are, your surroundings. If you're wearing earbuds you want to make sure you have the volume down low enough you can hear other people or maybe just have one in and have the other open," added Greene.

For bikers, using safe speeds and knowing proper trail etiquette can keep everyone safe.

"Pass on the left, you notify people who are coming up on your left or with a bell," said Jerry McAward, president of the Lehighton Outdoor Center.

"You need to be in control of your speed. If there's a lot of people out on the trail or you're coming into twisty-turn places, you know you got to slow down," added Greene.

Before you even get out on the trail, experts say the most important thing is making sure your head is protected.

"Most of the accidents that happen don't happen at high speeds, they happen at low speeds. So we get loads of people that say 'I don't need a helmet because I'm not going fast' when in fact most of the accidents happen at low speeds," said McAward.

If you're walking a pet, make sure it's leashed.

"They create a hazard not only for the biker but the dog. The dog can be hit by the cyclist," added McAward.