Police are investigating a shooting at a training facility in Stroudsburg.

It happened yesterday at the Threat Assessment and Tactical Solutions center located on Kraemer Avenue.

At this time, we’re told it appears to be an accidental shooting.

Threat Assessment and Tactical Solutions Group (TATS) Owner Brandon Kehr says, "Our hearts go out to the person who was actually injured yesterday, to him and his family. It’s an extremely unfortunate incident that happened."

Kehr is talking about the 46-year-old male who was shot in the neck area during a training drill. Police were called to the facility on Kraemer Avenue just before two yesterday afternoon.

Stroud Area Regional Police Chief Jen Lyon says, "The victim who was injured in the incident was in bad enough shape that he was flown to a local hospital via medevac."

Police say Rockwell Tactical Group rented the facility out. According to the group’s website they are a training company located in Central Pennsylvania with the goal of encouraging everyone to arm themselves with the knowledge and experience to protect themselves and their loved ones. They posted a statement sending their thoughts to the victim.

Kehr says, "The training organization that was here yesterday, again it was unfortunate, but they are a good group of guys. I do know them, they’ve been here several times before and have trained."

During training drills, participants are given a real gun that’s converted to not accept real ammunition.

It's called a paint marking training round. It has an actual shell casing, but the tip is much like a paintball. It does not have gun powder so it’s not designed to penetrate, it’s only designed to mark you. That’s not what was used in this case.

Lyon says, "The victim was shot with a real gun containing a live round of ammunition."

TATS has safety protocol in place to not allow real weapons in the real-time shooting scenario. First they have a separate room where people are directed to store their real weapons in a locker. Then before everyone enters the scenario, a metal detector wand is used to make sure no one has anything dangerous on them. We’re told Rockwell Tactical Group had its own safety protocols even though the wands were available to them.

Kehr says, "We now know that if we want any other training organizations to come in and use our facility that we’re now going to implement even harsher safety protocols that they have to abide by because our standards of safety were completely different than unfortunately what was used."

TATS owner welcomes anyone with safety questions to come check out the facility. While this appears to be an accidental shooting, police say it is an active investigation and the condition of the victim is unknown at this time.