Some drastic changes are coming for people with both Medicare and Medicaid.

Starting on January 1st of 2020, patients will need to be enrolled in a new program called Community Health Choices.

There are three different Community Health programs to choose from.

Patients with both Medicare and Medicaid need to be on the lookout for some major changes at their mailbox at home.

“Well before Medicare and Medicaid were separate, but now they are going to be joined.

Both services will be available through a new program called Community Health Choices.

“If people get the letters and look over them and don’t throw them out the transition will be much much smoother. “

But aging officials urge patients not to panic, under CHC, they won’t lose any services they have now or be burdened with more costs than they have now.

“The whole goal is to keep the people in their own home and the services that are best for them.”

Edel points out there are three CHC programs to choose from. Patients can pick out which plans works best for them.

“So if there is a specialist that you have that doesn’t work in your plan then you may need to switch to a specialist that is in your plan. “

Anyone who doesn’t enroll in a plan by November 13th will be automatically enrolled in one.

“ but I don’t want anyone to panic because even if you don’t choose one, you can change your community provider at any time. “

And for Edel, it might take a while, but this new system should offer more flexibility and one-stop shopping experience.

“If you start to use one management care organization and you don’t like the way its going you can change, you can change at any time. “

Edel says these letters should be arriving soon or may have been delivered already.

She urges everyone to read through the information and to call the office with any questions.

(570) 775-5550