If you've been walking down the path along the Walnutport Canal, you probably noticed the water is very low. Members of the canal association are asking for the borough's help in raising the water levels. As News 13s Dominic Barone reports - officials say it's about two or three feet lower than normal.

"Last week, behind me there was no water in the canal at all." said Marilyn Kaul, historian for the Walnutport Canal Association. She's concerned about how low the canal has gotten in the last couple weeks. She went to borough council last Thursday asking what could be done. There was a blocked pipe someone did clean out, but that only did so much. The stagnant water has bugs flying everywhere, and the further along you walk down the canal the lower the water gets. Kaul is concerned it will push people away.

"We pride ourselves on being a canal town. And that's why people come." Kaul said, "They like the canal, it's a recreation area, they fish, they walk along the tow path."

Borough officials agree it is very low, but there is no easy fix. And a permanent solution would cost a lot of money.

"To try and secure funding from the right entity and the right amount of money. That is the big problem to take care of some of the issues along the canal" said Mike Wentz, the grant coordinator for Walnutport.

He said there needs to be a new lock to let water flow, but these are very costly - upwards of 600,000 dollars. Even if they did get the money, these projects are caught up in red tape

"You can't just go and do things without proper permits, permission." Wentz said, "The Fish and Boat Commission. The Army Corp of Engineers. The list goes on and on."

Wentz is looking to speak with local legislators to see what grants may be available.