But the municipality underestimated PennDOT’s requirements which substantially increased the cost. 

This is a very busy intersection and the township thinks adding turning lanes can help some of the congestion, but now they have a problem with funding.

"Hopefully the project will still be done, but like everything else in life we have to have the money to do it."

Vehicles are known to backup going both north and south on Route 611 at the Rimrock road intersection.

"All the time, it gets backed up pretty bad, especially on the weekend with all the traffic for the water parks and all that."

That’s why Pocono Township hired an engineer over a year ago to determine what it would cost to add right turning lanes off of Route 611. The municipality received a $450,000 LSA grant for the project, but now it’s going to cost much more than anticipated. It's going to be close to a million and a half dollars.

"When they designed this project, they did it with the bare minimum of PennDOT’s standards, narrow lanes, shorter approach avenues and PennDOT came back and said you can’t do that. You’ve got to lengthen the size of the road, the length of the road, the width of the turning lanes and all that costs money.

While the manager of advanced collision also believes it would help alleviate the congestion, he’s worried a wider road will affect his business.

"It’s going to seriously impede the amount of parking spaces and the amount of room that I have on my lot. Because if they’re going to take some footage away from what I have right now, I’m going to lose a lot of parking spots."

The engineer tells us the added lane will require 12 feet on both sides but we’re told on Advanced Collision's side, it shouldn’t be more than the right of way.

The project is on hold as the township is looks for other grants.