People can access a scenic spot in Pike County again after severe storms closed it for the past two years. The National Park Service reopened the lower Hornbeck’s Creek Trail this afternoon in Delaware Township. The trail was closed in 20-17 after it was damaged by flooding. Repairs were underway when it was hit again by a severe storm last march. NPS Spokesperson Kathleen Sandt says the Park Service is “trying to do with this trail work is make sure that we have a trial that can go along a creek and to a beautiful waterfall but yet not get washed out every year and every time we get a substantial storm and that's had been happening in the past”. The Park Service used trees brought down in storms to build bridges and rocks found in the creek to build stairs. The trail reopened today -- not with a ribbon cutting -- but instead by cutting a tree out of the way on the Hornbeck’s Creek Trail.