A bill just signed into law in NY State could have major ramifications in the Poconos.

The bill requires New York to get 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030

And a decade later the state expects to shift to only carbon free energy.

Mike Sullivan explains New York State has just approved one of the most ambitious climate plans worldwide.

“Basically to do away with all carbon based fuels and rely mostly on renewable energy. “

Under the bill – the state is envisioning ushering in a new era where gas-guzzling cars and oil burning heaters are phased out completely.

 “Over in NY the fossil fuel people have to be very frustrated the oil man has to be frustrated and the person who sells gas has to be frustrated.

Sullivan says the goal is to have all of NY’s electricity provided by carbon free-sources by 2050.

“I know they are thinking its 30 years out and in 30 years we will have all these solutions, but not necessarily so. “

But the sweeping climate plan could benefit areas like Pike County. Sullivan has already gotten calls from people looking to capitalize on the future shift to renewable energy. “

“They are looking for large tracts of land and I would say I’ve gotten four calls in the last five weeks and its coincidental that the timing happens to be at the same time as the passing of the law”

Sullivan points out people he spoke with are interested in building large solar farms and adding those to the NY energy grid.  

“They want to buy these large parcel of lands and add it to the grid because it’s something that will definitely be in high demand. “

But the daunting bill could also lead to more fossil fuel industries packing their bags and relocating, which Sullivan predicts could benefit Pike County in a big way.

“I am already seeing people coming from New York and switching their operations to PA for a variety of reasons. “