Cars being targeted on an interstate running through Pike County has drivers on high alert.

Police confirm several cars have been shot with BB guns on interstate 84 near the construction zone by Lords Valley.

No one has been arrested and drivers are worried that someone could be seriously injured. N

Justin Palmer has enough to worry about traveling Interstate 84.

“I am a professional driver and if something like that happened to me I am going to jerk the wheel and hit the brakes. “

Palmer calls it scary having someone targeting cars - even more so in a construction zone.

“If someone is shooting at your vehicle you don’t know if it’s a real gun or a fake gun and it is busting out your windshield and that’s something you got to pay for. “

Palmer points out, the shock alone could end up causing someone to get seriously injured.

“You’re going to end up hitting the brakes or jerking the wheel and its going to lead to a chain reaction and pile up behind you. “

Police confirm five vehicles have reported being shot at inside the construction zone near Lords Valley.

“It’s a dangerous situation, you’re in a construction zone, you have to go slow and it’s just not a good deal.”

There are also crews actively working inside the construction zone. Drivers want to know why someone would take pleasure in terrifying people.

“You can hurt someone, you have a one of those hit someone in the eye, you can kill somebody I just don’t know.”

And that’s got Chris Carluccio on high alert. He just hopes police find the person responsible.

“Absolutely what are you kidding me I am going to drive with my window rolled up now. This world is going crazy.”

State Police are urging anyone with information to contact the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks.