Today, Monday October 7th is the final day for Pennsylvanians to register to vote in the November 5th general election.Lisa Dart, the Director of Elections for Carbon County says "you can give the form, or send the form to us. Or it could be post marked by today, as long as we receive it in the next few days. Post mark would be the 7th."

There's still time to get those registrations in the mailbox, but you might want to consider registering online, which is open until midnight. You can either go to or find the link on the Carbon County website. 

And this election, Carbon County will be introducing new paper ballot voting machines. Dart tell us they are safe, and secure. "When the voting equipment is delivered everything is sealed. There's no way anyone can tamper with anything. Other counties have been doing it this way for years. I'm really not worried about anything happening."