Along with many other municipalities across Pennsylvania, Towamensing Township in Carbon County is struggling with firefighter manpower.

"All the fire companies are struggling but because of past leadership, ours is worse," said Towamensing Township supervisor, Guy Seifert.

The shortage in number has forced surrounding departments to step in to fill the void.

"They're experiencing some severe manpower problems, along with a lot of other fire companies in the state," said Lynn Diehl, fire chief of the Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Company.

Towamensing Township supervisors made the decision this summer to bring in Franklin Township, Polk Township and Aquashicola's departments to help cover calls.

"We split the township into three pieces so when the tones go off, if it's in Aquashicola's section, Towamensing and Aquashicola go at the same time. That was happening anyhow, it just happened in mutual support. Now it happens automatically," explained Seifert.

Members of all four stations braved the rain and gathered Monday night at Country Junction in Towamensing Township to let the area's residents know they're all there to protect them.

"There were some concerns. Some people contacted the supervisors and even when we show up on scene, 'well why are you guys here?' and it's all for their benefit," said Diehl.

"[We want them] to know they're going to have fire protection, no matter what," said Billy Tippett, Polk Township's fire chief.

Monday's event also served as a call for help to people everywhere.

"We need mature, solid individuals to come volunteer instead of sitting on your couch you need to get out there and step up and help," said Seifert.

"This is an ongoing issue for everybody, not just in Monroe and Carbon Counties," added Tippett.

Right now, Towamensing Township's fire department is being led by an interim chief. Supervisors say they will elect a new fire chief next month.