A 93-year-old veteran is still serving while sipping a cup of joe.

The Monroe County man has become a fixture at the Dunkin' Donuts in Bartonsville.

He’s known to share his war stories and help other veterans that walk in the establishment. News13's Nicole Walters reports.

93-year-old Francis Ganley of Neola that everyone calls "Frankie" has an honorary parking spot and seat reserved for him at the Dunkin' Donuts in Bartonsville.

Employee Kirston Jones says, "I’ve known him for three years. He comes here every day and he’s just so generous and so sweet. I love him so much."

The veteran who stirs up smiles on everyone’s face forged his birth certificate when he was 16 to serve in World War II aboard the USS Texas which is now a memorial.

Bushkill Resident Mark Josloff says, "He was in an anti-aircraft gunner and his stories, I don’t know if he filled you in that with the shells that hit his ship and stuff like that so he’s an American hero."

We’re told it isn’t just the caffeine that brings people to the establishment.

Josloff says, "He’s got me hooked, I’m addicted to him, what can I do."

Tannersville resident Cyril Cullen says, "A catalyst, you know what I mean, he magnetizes people I think and they get drawn to him."

People can’t resist his good humor. Frankie is known to flash his picture in uniform at the ladies.

Ganley says, "I want to marry all of them, especially Sue. There’s a woman here who’s got two jobs, imagine two paychecks, whoppee."

A lot of new friendships have been made between the locals who gather around him. But veterans also seek him out.

Josloff says, "They come in, they visit with him, any guidance he can give them."

Frankie is not only known to help veterans but he also goes above and beyond for the employees. We’re told it’s because they deserve it.

Ganley says, "They all got good manners, personality wise and they’re terrific, they treat us good."

Employee Tia Mims says, "He’s so sweet to me, my daughter. A bunch of gifts, always asks me about her. For Christmas he gives all of us gift cards, for our birthdays."

Frankie’s daughter joins him daily. She says everyone’s support is more than a sweet treat to her father.

Gail Stillo says, "It shows that everybody cares for the veterans you know, I can’t talk because I get all teary eyed."

Saluting veterans in Monroe County, Nicole Walters, News13.