Today officials from multiple levels and branches of the government got together to make sure they're on the same page in case of a disaster. A6A associates is the compay who put on the exercise. We spoke with Adam Christmann, the CEO, "every agency has a different viewpoint so we're trying to cover it all which is a little challenging. So we're looking at environmental impacts of a train incident, obviously any human toll"

Today's exercise revolved around a scenario where a passenger train over turned in the Lehigh Gorge State Park. Christmann had this to say "Any disaster is very difficult on responders, no matter what individual skills or agencies working together. But in this case because it's rough terrain, if they're not all working together or communicating well it's going to be really bad.

Anyone who would be involved in a disaster plan was there today. Mark Nalesnik, Director of the Carbon County Emergency Management Agency had this to say "The four levels of government, we have non governmental agencies, private sector, red cross, anyone who typically would be involved in an incident is here.

In the case of a disaster, if these agencies aren't on the same page it could lead to inefficient work, in a time when every second could mean someones life. Nalesnik says it's important everyone is on the same page "Its not so much of who is in charge, but who is responsible for what."