A non-profit organization in Pike County is closing its doors for good.

Safe Haven has provided crisis intervention for abuse victims for almost 30 years.

But with Victims Intervention Program relocating to Pike County, officials say it made no sense to have the two non-profits competing against each other.  

It’s a bittersweet feeling for Safe Haven director, Christina Byrne.

“It’s very sad to say goodbye to the community”

By the end of October, Safe Haven will close its doors for good.

“I mean Safe Haven’s been providing service to the Pike County community for 28 years. “

Byrne takes pride in the hundreds of victims the non-profit has supported over those three decades.

“Its always sad to see an institution like Safe Haven close its doors and leave the community”

Byrne claims shutting-down had nothing to do with a lack of funding.

“In the last 18 months Safe Haven has really had a really strong revival “

But with Victims Intervention Program moving to Pike County – it made little sense to have the two non-profits competing against one another.

“This was a strategic decision to make sure the community was getting all its support from one services that could provide all of those services. “

Safe Haven victims will be greeted by familiar faces. VIP has hired some of its former staff.

“They will be here to see clients, they can keep their former clients, they will only be seeing them at a different location.

Michelle Minor Wolf points out having one service provider should clear up any confusion for victims where to seek help.

“Victims and survivors shouldn’t feel any different and they still have the luxury of working with the counselors they were working with which should be a comfort to the community”

And for Byrne while it’s sad to see Safe Haven close –she’s confident with VIP, victims are in good hands.

“Still a really good thing for the community because they will be able to absorb all the work that Safe Haven has been doing. “

The Safe Haven office building was put on the market. They will officially close the doors on October 31st.