Three PennLine employees were coming down Overlook Drive when their truck rolled onto it's side while taking a sharp turn.

The road was blocked off for almost two hours. News 13s Dominic Barone is at the scene with the details

This bucket truck was carrying a lot of weight, so the crash had a lot of impact. The rollover took a huge divot out of the road, and tore up this yard. The crash hit so hard the nearest neighbor thought something happened to her home.

"It felt like an explosion." Judy Iorillo said, "The hit was so hard and so loud. I thought the house blew up. I didn't know what was going on. I thought something blew up in the house."

Iorillo heard it happen and says she felt the crash shake her whole house. Three PennLine workers were coming downhill on Overlook Drive around noon with a full load of wood chips and their chipper in tow. They were going so fast they couldn't make this sharp turn as the bucket truck went on it's side. The driver told police his brakes failed.

"All three of the passengers said the brakes were heating up on them, then all a sudden they let loose and they couldn't stop." said Jason Doll, Franklin Township Police Chief.

An hour after the incident, a wrecker was able to get the truck right side up and off the scene. Thankfully Franklin Township first responders arrived within minutes, and bystanders were immediately on site to make sure the three men were alright.

Iorillo said, "It just scared the crap out of me, and then I looked out my bedroom window. I saw smoke, a lot of people running around, and so I just ran out here."

We spoke with some of the men in the vehicle, and luckily no one is severely injured. One man was taken away with a shoulder injury, but all three thankful to walk away with their lives.