Monroe County residents are honoring their patriots in Stroudsburg.

Faces of the men and women who served our country line Main Street and Courthouse Square.

News13’s Nicole Walters takes us behind the banners in this report.

Monroe County Resident Kathleen Alkema says, "He’s such an encouragement because he never gave up."

Kathleen Alkema is talking about her father Dominick Febbi who fought in World War II and in the Korean War. She tells us his battles didn’t end just because he got to come home.

Alkema says, "My Dad wakes up screaming, he’s 95, he’s done it for years."

That’s why it was important to her to honor the Navy veteran’s sacrifices and dedication to her family with a banner on Stroudsburg’s Main Street.

Alkema says, "That’s our history. That’s one of the reasons why we’re standing here because they fought so hard for our freedom and that should never be forgotten."

The Pocono 678 Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America hopes all 96 available spots are filled with a Monroe County resident’s loved one who served. Members saw the banners in other counties and wanted to bring them here to get people excited for the Veteran’s Day Parade on November 3rd. In past years, the turnout has been light and they’re hoping more people will come out and show their support.

Board Member John Duda says, "Try to create a cannon of heroes as the parade went by."

The Chapter included banners around Courthouse Square because they wanted to put a face to the very important names on this Vietnam Veterans Memorial that they established there in 2017.

Board of Directors Trustee John DeFazio says, "There are 10 men from this county who did not return home, they were killed in Vietnam and so the banners that you see or that are in this square, again are an attempt to remember these men who have fallen, they can’t be forgotten that kind of sacrifice."

The group paid for those banners as part of their continued mission to bring recognition to those 10 men who paid the ultimate price.

DeFazio says, "We were not able to get pictures of the servicemen in their uniforms, the best we could do was to get their high school photos and in one case, we couldn’t even locate a high school photo but we do have a banner up for that man."

If you would like show your patriotism with your hero, just call 570-350-7023. Supporting those who serve in Monroe County, Nicole Walters, News13.