A man temporarily living in Nesquehoning is in prison for alleged threats against a Carbon County District Judge. Mohammad Shah - originally of East Stroudsburg - is accused of sending a threatening note via fax to the Lansford District Court which made the judge and staff fear for their safety.

But this isn't an isolated incident. These threats were in retaliation to charges Shah was facing from a previous case. The threat allegedly came from Shah while he was incarcerated in the Carbon County jail.

He had to sign and fax papers in September to reschedule his preliminary hearing on charges he threatened to kill a young woman. But instead of leaving his signature, he sent back violent comments on the line where his name was supposed to be.

"It was language that rightfully alarmed the magistrate and the magistrate's staff and then that's when the police got involved and charges were filed on that." said Carbon County ADA Brian Gazo.

Court paperwork said Mohammad Shah faxed back a threat saying things like, "your days are over" and "the streets will be filled with blood." After admitting to sending the fax intended for Judge Casimir Kosciolek, Shah said his mission is to impose the second amendment on Pennsylvania.

Shah's wife tells News13 her husband has been dealing with mental health problems since 2014, but has never received the proper treatment. She believes if he would get the help he desperately needs, he wouldn't be acting this way. Gazo said a mental evaluation is likely to be a part of the case.

"They're going to be filing, I believe,some petitions and having Mr. Shah evaluated and things like that." Gazo said, "Based on those evaluations and we go to court, we'll see what ends up happening if he's deemed to be competent to be able to stand trial or not"

Shah is facing two felonies from the case where he threatened a young woman, and he's looking at another two felonies for his threats to the Lansford judge.