Just after seven this morning firefighters were dispatched to the 200 block of west ridge street in Lansford. We spoke with the fire chief, Joseph Greco who had this to say "On arrival police were evacuating residents. There was one resident in a wheelchair who was stuck to the second floor...When the fire started there was also a baby inside the building."

The fire was found in apartment 3 on the first floor. Chief Greco says it was started by a discarded cigarette."It was mostly smoke, the fire was pretty much contained to the bedding area at the apartment, and i pretty much stamped it out with my gloves, and then we took it outside and put water on it."

Along with Lansford, Coaldale and Summit Hill responded to the call this morning. Between the three companies they only had an estimated 20 fire fighters. Lack of volunteers has been a problem at fire companies across the state. Greco says it's effecting Lansford too "I'll be honest with you the daytime is scary. This morning i was getting ready for work and we were able to get one truck out the door with 4 guys." "If it was a full blown fire, you have guys trying to hit the hydrant, connect the truck, get the water to the truck, take hand lines in, evacuate residents, a lot more jobs than 4 guys can do."

Carbon county commissioner Wayne Nothstein also recognizes the lack of volunteers. He tells us in November he will meet with officials from across the state to find a solution. "Come up with recommendations from our elected officials to, more incentive programs, maybe back off on some of the training and other issues our local volunteers face everyday."