Carbon County has one dog shelter for all municipalities to utilize. Carbon County Commissioner, Tom Gerhard tells us other counties are looking for help. "Having major issues, people abandoning dogs in homes, letting them out along roads. We got a call from schuylkill county asking us to house some of their dogs, but we don't have any room."

Yesterday there were 19 dogs at the shelter. Since then 2 have been housed, leaving 17 left, which is still to many."We have 15 kennels here, we usually have 15 dogs, sometimes you need to double dogs up in 1 kennel. If they come in together and you know they're friendly and accept each other you know you can do it. Other times you can't and you have to split the kennel." Says Tom Connors, Director of the Carbon County Shelter. But it's not only Carbon and Schuylkill having this problem. Connors says it's a state wide issue "but two weeks before that it was Monroe County, and then it was another county before that, and a week before that.

Shelters, like Carbon Counties, team up with other shelters and rescues whenever possible to help as many dogs as they can. We spoke with Ann Costenbader the founder of Paws 2 Freedom, a rescue who housed two older dogs today. "he had said he had a senior and i love the seniors, so i came up to get the senior. I took the senior and ended up taking another dog."