State police are investigating a home invasion in Pike County.

It happened on Saturday Morning around 11:30 in Lehman Township.

Troopers say the couple living in the home were robbed and assaulted in what neighbors call a very scary incident.

Dianna Bupp’s keeping her head on a swivel after her neighbors were assaulted over the weekend.

“Its very alarming last night I slept with all my windows and doors locked. “

Bupp calls the neighborhood safe. She’s never worried about leaving her doors open..

“I have lived her for four years and never had anything like this happen. It’s always been very calm and quiet.

The incident happened at 11:30 Saturday morning in Lehman Township along Acorn Circle. Police say two men approached the home asking to borrow jumper cables before assaulting the man who answered the door.

“They said to me they asked for a pair of jumpers like to jump the car and then they pistol whipped them and robbed them. “

The 22-year-old victim from was hit over the head with a gun. His 25-year-old girlfriend was also roughed up.

“It is kind of alarming because most of us mothers are home along while the kids are at school and we are home by ourselves"

Other neighbors like Maryann Jones label the incident shocking especially in this tight knit community.

“Because people out here are neighborly and everyone looks out for each other. “

Police say the two men fled the scene. Jones hopes they are caught before they hurt anyone else.

"That really sucks to do that to somebody and they must be really desperate to do that to somebody. "

Police say the robbers fled the scene in a vehicle driven by an unidentified person. The vehicle is described as a gold or tan Kia Sedona minivan with unknown Pennsylvania plates, and a spare black rim or tire on the passenger front side

Anyone with information can contact the Blooming Grove State Police Barracks.

(570) 296-5718