Columbus Day weekend proved to bring another boom of tourism to the Poconos.

The region is a particularly popular place to visit this time of year, when the fall foliage is at its peak.

"Beautiful, it's spectacular. No matter where you go, you see beauty all around you," said Nicole Althouse-Garced, marketing coordinator at Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort.

There's not much of a better way to describe the Pocono Mountains in mid-October.

"The whole area has been busy. It's a beautiful time of year on the Delaware River. The trees, the color on them is just phenomenal," said Althouse-Garced.

The area's foliage attracts thousands into Monroe County all season long.

But when you add in a holiday weekend, the seasonal tourism boom becomes even greater. 

"People started coming in Thursday for the long weekend. Some people stayed one night, some stayed the whole weekend," said AJ Stack, senior marketing manager at Camelback Resort.

And that translates into a bigger boom in local business.

"This is prime time for [local businesses] so whenever this time of year comes around, they're getting prepared and ready to welcome new faces into the community and we're ready to support the businesses during some of their busiest times of the year," said Liz Blose, coordinator of event planning and logistics at the Pocono Chamber of Commerce.

Whether visitors are out and about enjoying events in the community or relaxing at any of the local resorts, they're all spending dollars that go right back into the local economy.

"We're all in it together here in the Poconos and it's really about getting as many people here as we can," added Stack.

The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau updates its Fall Foliage Forecast every week. 

You can check it out online here on the official Pocono Mountains website.