The US Department of Housing and Urban Development made a pit-stop in Pike and Wayne Counties to tour the area.

The federal agency sent representatives from Philadelphia to sit down with county commissioners to get a snapshot of what hardships they’re facing.

This is HUD Secretary, Joe DeFelice’s first time ever visiting Pike County.

“Its beautiful its extremely beautiful I have never been to Pike County before being from Philadelphia. “

DeFelice is traveling to 13 counties this week, meeting local leaders and touring HUD-assisted housing and community development projects.

“This will be a way for us to compare notes not only interagency but between federal, state and local partners. “

DeFelice sat down with Pike County Commissioners. They gave him a snapshot of some of the roadblocks they keep running into.

“The creation of jobs here in Pike County. The things we talked about are same thing we have talked about for years in Pike County and that’s a lack of jobs. “

Commissioner, Matt Osterberg, explained to DeFelice that almost 60 percent of the people living in Pike leave the county for work.

“And part of that has to do with we just don’t have many good paying job opportunities for our residents or our young people. “

DeFelice offered some advice. He suggested looking into federal money that’s available for infrastructure projects.

“We got to find out how we can work with these guys so we can put those federal dollars to use in a way that benefits them. “

Osterberg calls the meeting informative.

“Having them here gave us some information on where we can get some help. “

And he’s optimistic that could lead to more money being available to improve development countywide.

“You can look this stuff up on the internet but it works best when they are sitting across the table from you and you talk to them eye to eye and tell them what the problems are facing the residents of Pike County. “

County Leaders are also discussing how to bring another Urgent Care or additional medical facility to the area.