Today we were at Highwood USA in Tamaqua, where we had a chance to sit in with a group of 75 local partners called CSL STEM Ecosystems. They talked about promoting STEM in the classroom.

The Carbon, Schuylkill, Luzerne, STEM Ecosystem group is looking to build pathways to stem careers starting down at the preschool level... There are 84 designed ecosystems through out the world. The groups coordinator Francine Kluck says STEM Ecosystems are "part of Kenya, Mexico, here in the U.S., and Canada. We are actually one of six in Pennsylvania."

The groups goal is to bring more stem opportunities to students at all levels, especially for national stem week starting November 4th. Teachers from across Carbon County attended today. They'll participate in a 42 hour program that runs once a month through February. One Teacher from the Weatherly Area School District says "the other day we had students building towers with all different materials in our room. So we can get them thinking open ended and critically in elementary school, so for us it's 1st through 5th, we are opening those doors for them for the rest of their school time."

It's possible you grew up without taking all four science technology, engineering, and math classes, let alone combining them... Alec Meta, an industrial engineer at high wood says it's a new, growing field. "It's a new and growing field and ever changing. It's always a collaborative environment where you need to work together and all of those fields need to be married into one. There's a lot of cross over in the stem fields."

If you're a teacher or parent and want to know more about CSL STEM Ecosystems or what they talked about today you check out the website, or on Twitter

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