A school board member in the Tamaqua Area School District is under fire after a sexual misconduct investigation. 

Last month, the U.S Safe Sport organization banned school board president Larry Wittig from Olympic rowing events for sexual misconduct involving a minor. Tuesday night,  Wittig appeared at the school board meeting for the first time since the sanctions surfaced and a Tamaqua resident demanded answers. 

Wittig claims the timing of the investigation is an attempt to smear his campaign for re-election as Tamaqua school board president. 

"They've had it summarized and concluded for over a year and then some months, here 3 months, and now they chose to release it," said Wittig. 

 Residents aren't concerned about the timing of the investigation, instead one questioned why he refuses to step down from his position as school board president. 

"he should step down from our school board as he did with every other affiliation he had within the state. He stepped down from the state board, he stepped down from his affiliation with Drexel, he stepped down from his affiliation with Jefferson I don't understand why his own community where he was born and raised, why we don't deserve the same respect that they did," said resident Emily Paisley. 

Wittig has denied any sexual misconduct in the allegation dating back to 1981 and has filed an appeal.