19 year old Jourden Battle is facing 15 charges for sending threatening messages to women over several social media platforms. Police said he became violent when these women refused to continue having a conversation, and he would sometimes blackmail these women.

Detectives said each victim was contacted hundreds of times by Jourden Battle over the course of several years. Monroe County detectives were tipped off by a Kentucky woman, with no relation to the Poconos, and said she was blackmailed by battle with nude photos of herself. Investigators say there were way more than a couple victims.

"Rough estimate? There's probably 40 girls at least that he's done this to. By his own admission there's at least 25, but I think the number is probably closer to around 40 or a little over 40." said Monroe County Detective Brian Webbe.

He said Battle is facing charges of repeatedly stalking and harassing a lot of young women around his age, but some girls were contacted by him as young as 12. He would relentlessly try and get these women to talk to him by threatening to expose them on social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat

"He would threaten to hack their account. He would attempt to gain access to their social media accounts." Webbe said, "And if he had photographs of them he would then threaten, blackmail them and say, 'If you don't talk to me, if you continue to block my accounts then I'm going to post these online. I'm going to send these to your family.'"

Paperwork said Battle would pose as some of these women online, posting their phone number and ask men to send lewd photos of themselves. One victim, who was 15 years old at the time, received between 40 and 50 inappropriate photos of random men. Battle's attorney John Fegley says they have no comment at this time.

Fegley said, "He's not going to be answering any questions today." To which we asked, "Mr. Battle? Do you have anything you'd like to say as far as are these allegations true or not?"

On one instance, Detective Webbe said Battle took things beyond the internet and stalked one of these women in person.

"'I know where you were earlier. I saw you at Walmart. this is what you're wearing.' So he really spent years harassing all these young women both online and obviously in person." said Webbe.

Battle has been ordered to stay off any and all social media platforms, and all the charges against him will move to trial.