Pike County has some new life saving devices at their disposal thanks to an unlikely source.

A local business owner pulled out his checkbook to purchase portable AED machines for the County Courthouse.

He says he was wavering on the idea for a while, but a local woman’s story made up his mind.

Rachel Moyer of East Stroudsburg has turned tragedy into her own personal mission.

““I couldn’t believe this happy, healthy, active, kid could die “

It’s fueled by a memory that still haunts her. Back in 2000 her fifteen year old son collapsed during his high school basketball game.

“I went over to him and said Gregory you’re not breathing and he opened his eyes and that was it. “

Greg Moyer never took another breath.

“The nurse said there should have been an AED there. And I said what an AED I didn’t know what is was. “

Moyer learned an automated external defibrillator, or AED, could have restarted his heart

“If you get an AED on someone that is in cardiac arrest the chances are 80-90% if that’s on them in a minute.

Moyer started Parents Heart Watch, the non-profit has paid for thousands of AED’s in public schools and buildings.

“I just knew there was no way the entire country wouldn’t rally right behind this. “

Hearing Moyers story, inspired Michael Lamoreaux.

“ When I heard what happened to her son, it just all connected. “

Lamoreaux had been wavering for more than a year to purchase AEDs for the county courthouse.

“We are now all at the age where our kids are playing high school sports so this really hit home. “

Lamoreaux wouldn’t delay a minute longer. He purchased 5 AED directly from Moyer’s organization.

“And the best part about it is that every nickel raised goes to purchase AEDS for supporting in need. “

But Lamoreaux didn’t keep all 5. He donated one back to the woman who turned loss into a crusade.

“It was just so kind and so thoughtful and so heartwarming. “

The AED’s cost around $6000. They will be placed throughout offices in the Pike County Courthouse.