The glitz and glamour of Hollywood comes to Pike County.

Milford is rolling out the red carpet for the 20th year of the Black Bear Film Festvial.

The event typically attracts some of the biggest names of the stage and screen, but this year organizers had a different goal in mind

This Black Bear Film Festival is shifting from celebrity fanfare and going back to its roots.

“We wanted to get away from the big box office stuff and lean more on what people can relate to." said organizer, Jerry Weinstock.

For this 20 year milestone, the festival will highlight local filmmakers and pure film making.

“It’s definitely more focused on film making as opposed to big explosions and special effects and things like that. “

Weinstock explains these films are all about storytelling and the human experience.

“You really need to watch this films because there is something for everyone and we really worked hard to get the best films for this year.”

A dozen independent films will be showcased at the historic Milford Theater.

“It’s really a great opportunity for people to meet each other and appreciate the arts we have here in Milford. “

But you don’t need to go to the theater to enjoy a show. 

“There is something for everyone here at the mainstage, at our tents, and at our salons.

Nearly 30 documentaries and shorts will be screened at the weekend salon, held at Good Shepherd Church.

“The films are about community, they are about issues we are all facing and they are also entertaining as well. “

But it’s not only film buffs benefiting. The festival puts the entire town of Milford on the map.

 “It helps the restaurants in town, it helps all the stores and it really helps the black bear film festival to keep going.

The Black Bear Film Festival runs through Sunday. Tickets can be purchased on the festival website.