Your help is needed at the Tannersville War Memorial.

The American Legion that maintains the display installed two new war plaques.

But the Monroe County heroes' names haven't been added.

American Legion Post 903 Commander Tom Bowditch says, "We want to reach out to the community, if they have a family member or if they know somebody that died during the wars to get to us so we can get their name."

American Legion Post 903 is looking to honor Monroe County residents who made the ultimate sacrifice during both the War On Terrorism and The Cold War. So far they’ve only received five names. Thanks to the community’s support they were able to purchase the two plaques and are installing them today at the Tannersville War Memorial with all of the others starting with World War I.

 Post 903 Member John Stagnito says, "We volunteer, I guess out of the goodness of our heart because our names aren’t on the plaques so we can do it they can’t."

The members started working on the memorial in 2014.

Post 903 Member Garland Sexton says, "It’s for the veterans not the people, but they need to see what we’ve done."

Once the two plaques are complete, Post 903 hopes to complete the entire memorial by the end of next year, with your help of course. 

Bowditch says, "Put a sponsorship plaque up that everybody donated and of course we want to get some more lighting to light it up a little better and we want to get security there because we had the grave markers stolen a couple of years ago."

Commander Tom Bowditch estimates so far they’ve spent about 20 thousand dollars. That money has all come from people in the community since they don’t have a legion home to raise funds.

Bowditch says, "I just love them to death really and say thank you to all of them, they’ve all been fantastic, especially the township.

If you have a name for either plaque. You can either call or email Bowditch at 570-595-7145 and They’d like to have the names so they can dedicate the plaques on Veterans Day.