Lehighton is ready to show off the results of a major renovation project in town.

The borough's upper park has been under construction since mid-July.

The majority of the work has wrapped up just in time for one of Lehighton's biggest events.

Even though it's not one hundred percent complete, the upper park will be open for RockToberfest. The festival, which raises money for breast cancer research, will take place this weekend in the upper and lower parks.

The entire park renovation project cost upwards of half a million dollars. A lot of that cost was covered by grants.

"The park [was] sitting there serving no purpose at all and now it's going to be serving so many purposes and offering so much to the community and the surrounding communities. I think it's pretty awesome to bring that all to town," said Christina Yurasits, owner of Blended Bakery.

Yurasits' bakery is located on First Street, just around the corner from the park. She's one of several business owners who have seen the transformation firsthand.

"Watching them put the pavers in, that was kind of fun, driving by and seeing the sand and them putting everything in there so it's really exciting. The progress was nice to see," said Yurasits.

"It's in its infancy right now, it's not completed but it's tremendous. It's going to be incredible," added Jennifer Solt-Cerato, owner of Jenny's Sweets & More, another business located on First Street.

It's the almost-finished product of a renovation plan five years in the making.

The focal point of the project is a refurbished amphitheater, now ready for the entire community to use.

"The Lehighton Band is here all summer long, we have Movies in the Park put on by Lehighton Downtown Initiative, we have Heritage Weekend, we have RockToberfest," said Lehighton's borough manager, Nicole Beckett.

All new lighting and sidewalks have been installed. The amphitheater is also now ADA accessible.

"We have two ramps on both North and South Street to be able to get up to the amphitheater and then also here we had a space opened up for someone who has a scooter or wheelchair so they can sit in the front row," said Beckett.

Business owners say the park renovations are a crucial part of the town's ongoing revitalization.

"I think it's the perfect time for this to happen as our Main Street Steering Committee is gathering together and forming and recruiting volunteers to help revitalize Lehighton. This is perfect because the park is the heart of our town," said Solt-Cerato.

New benches will also be installed in the amphitheater. Beckett says the purchase of the benches was part of a separate project and they will be arriving soon.