A viewer contacted News13 complaining about a prolonged bridge closure in Pocono Township.

The work is happening on Warner Road in between Routes 611 and 715 in Tannersville.

It was supposed to be completed in early September.

Vocelli Pizza Assistant Manager David Klein says, "I wish they’d hurry up and get it done. I don’t see what the problem is."

A lot of people are wondering the very same thing as the Assistant Manager of Vocelli Pizza. The bridge closed at the end of July on Warner Road near the intersection of Route 611 in Tannersville. It was expected to be open on September 6th but now it’s the end of October.

Klein says, "It inhibits our drivers from making our deliveries in a prompt manner."

While the detour which utilizes Route 611, Golden Slipper, Neola and Route 715 roads has added time on Vocelli’s deliveries. The owner of Petfection across the way on Route 611 tells us it’s hurting his business.

Owner Johnny Thompson of Petfection says, "I got a lot customers that come from 715 and now they got to take the long route to get here so they’ll go to alternate stores to avoid that bridge."

The exotic pet specialist was looking forward to the bridge deck replacement over Pocono Creek to be done on time. We’re told there’s no real reason for the hold up. But the work has saved tax dollars.

Safety Press Officer Sean Brown for PennDOT District 5 says, "Typically when we have a project, we put it out to bid and a contractor bids on it and there’s a project completion date and all work has to be completed by then. This project we’re doing internally, we estimated it would be finished in September, it took a little longer, but again it was just an estimate. But there was significant savings to be able to do the work internally as opposed to putting it out to contract."

While it looks like they have a lot more work to do, PennDOT officials tell us the bridge should be open this week.

Once the bridge is completed the current weight restriction will be removed.