Police are investigating a Monroe County business damaged in a hit and run.

The owners of Pocono Candle in East Stroudsburg want to know who crashed into their store.

They tell us where it’s located on Milford Road is known for speeders.

Co-Owner Keith Henry of Pocono Candle found a mess Friday morning when he came into work. He tells us sometime overnight someone drove through their parking lot and hit into their front porch taking out the posts and rails.

Henry believes the driver was going northbound on Milford Road when the crash happened because the vehicle then pushed a parking bumper at The Coffee Rush next door.

The Coffee Rush Owner Todd Brown says, "Those are super heavy, you have to use a forklift to move them so it was pushed to the point where it didn’t actually reach the road, but it reached the white line."

Brown can’t figure out how it happened either, especially from that direction. But he thinks it’s horrible.

Brown says, "You can’t understand why somebody would damage somebody else’s business or property but people do it."

But regardless of how it occurred, both owners tell us Milford Road is dangerous and they’re asking drivers to please slow down.

Henry and his partner took over Pocono Candle in June and the former owner helped him fix the damage Saturday morning. The new owners are hoping the person responsible comes forward.

Henry says, "The damage, insurance doesn’t really cover it because the deductible higher than the cost of repairing it but we want to make sure that the person would step forward and reimburse us for the materials we had to replace everything with and make sure that the person is actually ok."

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call state police.