Schuylkill County veterans who served in the Korean War were honored by the South Korean government today. Their bravery and service in the fight against North Korea and communism earned them the ambassador for peace medal.

"1946 I found myself in Japan during occupation duty. And then I wound up in Korea during the conflict, and Vietnam during that conflict. And with the grace of God I'm here today." said Rafael Madrigal.

Madrigal retired from service as a Sergeant First Class E7 and is thankful to survive one of the deadliest conflicts in history. He served in World War II, served two tours during the Korean War, and was active in the Vietnam War. He didn't risk his life just to be recognized by the Korean people he helped over 60 years ago, but he sure is glad it's happening.

"Well it was my honor to serve my country in the first place." Madrigal then joked, "And now it's time for payback time."

Congressman Dan Meuser said the Korean government issued each veteran these Ambassador for Peace medals. The Korean War waged from 1950 to 1953 when the communist North Korean state invaded the capitalist South Korean state.

"The Korean Government thanking the American veterans who served in the Korean war. Because without these veterans there would be no South Korea."

Those who couldn't be here today were remembered by surviving family.

"We saw pictures of those who have passed from daughters and sons. And we heard some great stories today of some great Americans."