After spending nearly 100 years on West Broad Street in Tamaqua, St. Jerome Regional School moved to a larger space in Hometown last year.

With the move came many upgrades for students, including a STEM lab.

"Really fun, intuitive, involved," is how eighth grade student, Brady Bobrowski, describes the experience inside the lab.

Now St. Jerome has expanded its STEM lab, filling it with more than $32,000 worth of new technology.

"We got the Ozobots, we got a new SMART Board, we have subscriptions to STEMscopes for 6th to 8th graders where they're going to be interactive with the lessons they're learning in science class," said STEM teacher, Laurie Duakshus.

Ozobots are toy robots that blend the physical and digital worlds, controlled by student-programmed coding.

"There's different programs they can use. They can use them for color coding. The students this week just started off with that, where it codes with different colors," said Daukshus.

Another addition to the lab is a green screen and Padcaster studio. They are tools that are helping to teach students the ins and outs of broadcast journalism.

"It opens their minds to things they probably haven't thought about. We as teachers are preparing them for their futures, which obviously is becoming more technically advanced," said Daukshus.

A lot of resources that seem like toys, but provide valuable learning experiences.

"The kids are thrilled when they get to do anything hands-on but then to present them with a challenge, they love that. You get to see them spark that joy, that love of learning," said fifth and sixth grade teacher, Angela Purin.

"We do a lot of group projects together and really work together, especially with the littleBits and 3D printer and really ya know, teamwork and collaboration," added Bobrowski.

The STEM lab is a growing classroom that is preparing students for the future and putting St. Jerome's on the STEM map.

"I think we're competitive, schools look at us, they look at what we have to offer and we have a lot to offer," said Purin.