The cause of the fire at Pocono Manor Resort is officially listed as undetermined.

But that doesn’t mean the investigation is over.

Meanwhile the cleanup process has started at the Inn.

Pieter Holland is heartbroken he will no longer be performing at The Inn at Pocono Manor.

Holland says, "You get tight with everybody here and you know the place becomes your home and I just had to come and give my last respects."

We spotted the solo entertainer today taking pictures of what Friday’s fire left behind.

Holland says, "Always had a great night here, I mean the crowd was great, the people you worked with were fabulous, all of them and I’m going to miss that a lot."

While people are welcome to come take photos at the site, they aren’t allowed to wander through the debris. The General Manager tells us several people have been found inside the building, one family had two children, and it’s extremely dangerous.

General Manager Don Snyder says, "We don’t know what areas have been compromised by the heat. As you get into the higher floors, you get up to the seventh floor, the tick residue of smoke in the air, you just can’t even breathe. So we just don’t want people in there putting themselves at risk."

That’s why contractors are busy today securing the area. A fence has also been ordered. They’re also boarding up the windows to keep the weather out.

Snyder says, "We’re just anxious to get the thing cleaned up and work on the plans to rebuild."

The cause of the fire is officially listed as undetermined but police do tell us that the fire did start on the north side of the Inn.

Detective Sergeant James Wagner of Pocono Township Police says, "Somewhere near what they call the exchange room, it’s a dinning room adjacent to the kitchen area."

The extensive amount of damage is making the investigation difficult. But Pocono Township Police along with State Police Fire Marshals are still exploring additional evidence.

Wagner says, "Still working to try to find out what caused the fire. We are looking to review some of the video surveillance that was recovered from the scene that was obviously compromised and damaged."

The hard drives are being examined by the State Police Computer Lab for events leading up to the blaze. If anyone has any information on the fire, you’re asked to call Wagner at 570-629-7323 Ext. 214.