State leaders come together in Wayne County to field questions and answer concerns.

The Chamber of the Northern Poconos brought local business owners and county officials to Hawley today to break bread with the legislators.

It was a chance for business owners to speak directly about the problems they are having and for state leaders to make sure, they are being heard.

More than a hundred business owners along with county leaders squeezed into the settlers inn for an open forum with state legislators.

"When I look across the crowd today, I see schools, I see hospitals, I see non-profit agencies and I see our counties.

State representatives Jonathan fritz, Mike Peifer and Rosemary Brown spent the afternoon candidly fielding questions

"Its really good to have feedback whether its positive or negative so we can listen to them and help them as much. "

High taxes was a common concern among those in attendance.

"Our taxation is heavy, and its really not that simple and it could be very complicated.

Brown points out, costly taxes have a ripple effect on small businesses.

"Small business is such the backbone of our community, and it really impacts the taxes that we collect so we need to know how we can help them so they can keep growing employment. "

Jonathan Fritz labels it critical to bring more high paying jobs to the area.

"No widget gets produced, no assembly line goes into action, no oil gets drilled without a business arrangement. "

Fritz compares adding jobs to having a diversified portfolio.

"You want to have some equities, some annuities, some of money in others places, that's what you need is different sectors of business."

And Frtiz says, this open forum, is a golden opportunity to have a real impact on the people you represent..

"So when you think about how fundamentally important business is to our community this is where its at. "