"Coffee with a Cop" has become a popular way for law enforcement to connect with the communities they serve.

And as more small towns lean on state police coverage, the event is also helping officers connect with one another.

On Thursday morning, state troopers and Lehighton Borough police held a "Coffee with a Cop" of their own.

"It gives us an opportunity to sit down and talk with the community members we get to serve every single day," said Trooper Anthony Petroski, Troop N's community service officer for the Pennsylvania State Police.

McDonald's on Blakeslee Boulevard in Mahoning Township played host to the morning get-together.

"Law enforcement often gets overlooked for the job they do and people, when they see them, maybe want to cringe a little bit. We want to show there's the other side to that too," said Jane Arnold, general manager of the Mahoning Township McDonald's.

The event is a chance for residents to build their relationship with the officers who protect them.

"Even though we had a lot of questions for him, he answered every one of them and I appreciate that," said Virginia Crowther of Lehighton.

And as small towns like Lehighton depend more and more on state troopers, events like "Coffee with a Cop" become a way for police to build relationships with each other, no matter their uniform.

"Police departments have different rules and regulations but ultimately we try to get the same job done. Working together out on the streets is a great thing but we have to have a rapport with each other," said Trooper Petroski.

It's a rapport that helps both local and state officers accomplish a common goal.

"This is a great event, we talked to a lot of different people and again it's all about bridging the gap between law enforcement and community members," added Trooper Petroski.

If you're interested in hosting a "Coffee with a Cop" event at your business, you can reach out to troopers at the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Hazleton.