A possible recount of all the ballots cast in Carbon County this election day. After concerns with the new voting systems, election officials are debating how they want to go about double-checking the votes.

Many votes were counted without any problems while others had to be entered by hand, and that is where the doubt lies.

The vote counting program went haywire after two candidates were added to the ballot too late. For the commissioners race alone, 14,007 votes were counted at 10:30pm on election night, but at 7am the next day, 10,000 votes were added. People are skeptical the votes were counted correctly for any and all races.

"[They] manually read off those totals and inputted them into the system to get new totals that dominion says is accurate." said Commissioner Bill O'Gurek.

After the last precinct was counted on Tuesday night, thousands of votes had to be hand counted in the early morning hours. The scanner did not accept all the votes because two township supervisor candidates had to be entered late, and that messed up the program. Others who ran for office are not confident in what happened between 11pm and 7am.

"If this information was manually entered into overnight through the help of dominion, the company, what kinds of checks and balances were in place to say that information was entered incorrectly?" said Commissioner Candidate Bob Jacsobs, "We all know after an exhausting day that errors happen."

Dominion gave the election board a hand full of options.

"Number one option they said would be to bring in a high speed scanner and scan all the ballots again and see what they show." O'Gurek said.

They also suggested re-running the same program that failed the first time, or running the ballots through the original scanners. But the last option, which is the most accurate, is to do a complete audited recount by hand.

"Which is, in my mind, exactly what this system was intended to do." O'gurek said, "Why we went so-called back in time was to have a paper trail. And we have a paper trail."

O'Gurek said he needs to make sure they would be allowed to bring in a third party to do the hand audit. A meeting will be held tomorrow at 9am by the election board to decide how to move forward.