A new food pantry opens its doors for people in Pike and Wayne Counties.

LSA Grant money helped pay for the new food pantry located in Newfoundland.

Today was the first day of distribution and it's been a helping hand for those trying to make ends meet.

It's been a ongoing struggle for Rich Kearns.

"You need to eat or you'll die"

Trying to scrape money together to put food on the table.

"There are alot of things that help people and this is one of them"

Kearns fell on hard times.

"That is why I moved form Philly because I was homeless and had to get out of that city."

And he's grateful for the pantry for helping him get back on his feet.

"My life is turned around this is a beautiful place. "

220 thousand dollars in LSA grant money funded the new pantry in Newfoundland.

"Its wonderful, its fully handicapped accessible, its just a wonderful thing. " says Coordinator, Gail Frey.

More than 120 families a month depend on the pantry to eat.

"Its great to know that we are helping as many people as we are."

But it wouldn't be possible without the volunteers.

"We couldn't do this without them and without all the help from the community."

Gail Frey's dedicated her life to helping others and she wants to get the word out there is help for anyone who needs it.

"That we can do this for people makes you happy. "

And Kearns is overwhelmed with gratitude for the pantry.

"Its a beautiful thing people helping people"

Because without their help, he might be not be able to afford his next meal.

"I thank god for them or whoever is up there. "

The Pantry will be open the 2nd Friday of the month for residents of Wayne County and 3rd Thursday of every month for Pike County residents.