Penndot is looking for help to solve the winter driver shortage.

Officials call this one of the most significant shortages they’ve had in a decade.

The Pike County office alone is short more than a dozen drivers.

 They’ve taken out ads in the paper, been doing spots on the radio, but the resumes aren’t coming in for drivers or diesel mechanics… PennDot officials label these jobs critical for keeping the roads cleared.

PennDot faces a severe shortage of winter drivers.

“We are looking for diesel mechanics and plow drivers along with some other positions, but those are the two we really need right now.

James May points out it’s a problem PennDots been battling for years.

“One of things we are finding because of the gas industry in our area and the strong economy there are other jobs that people are able to take. “

May blames the lack of applications on the amount of other jobs available.

“Quite frankly those jobs can pay more than PennDot can afford to pay.

But he explains, people applying to these jobs should consider looking at the bigger picture

“We are having a tough time convincing young men and women maybe don’t take that job that pays a lot right now and instead think about the benefits that come with working for the state. “

 Penn Dot runs around the clock coverage in winter which takes a toll on the vehicles.

“The engine may have an issue, the spreader could have an issue, there is so many different problems you can have on these trucks.. “

And when those trucks go down – the longer it takes to clean the roads.

“You can have all the trucks in the world but if there is no one to drive them or no one to fix them, they do no good whatsoever.

PennDOT needs drivers for the winter. A CDL is required and applications can be found on the PennDOT website.