A Monroe County contractor is being accused of taking deposits from homeowners and failing to show up to do any work. Wayne Groff of Mountain Men Contracting allegedly set up jobs with people, but we're told he cut off communication with them after their deposit check was cashed.

People have reached out to News13 about this situation. When we did some research we found out there's at least five people who are making the same claims.

"I've been ripped off and I don't like it." said Thomas Scrivani

He and his fiance Mary Byrne said they paid Wayne Groff, owner of Mountain Men Contracting, 2500 dollars as a down payment on a front patio. They claim once he left with a check, they didn't see him again.

Scrivani said, "And then the communication became very stagnant and almost non existent. It became very hard to get ahold of him. We kept asking him where has was."

Eventually Scrivani said he couldn't get a hold of him at all. And the same thing allegedly happened to Nathan Brandes of Saylorsburg. He and his fiance said they gave Groff 8000 dollars to convert their garage into more bedrooms for their five children.

"We gave him our deposit. and pretty much from that point on he just lost communication." Brandes said, "[Groff] kept saying he was backed up, backed up, and then eventually he just disappeared."

Brandes eventually filed a civil lawsuit against Groff.

"We also went to civil court in Brodheadsville and filed a motion there as well." He said, "And he did not show up."

We tried calling the phone number listed on Groff's business page, and the line is disconnected saying "The number you are trying to call is not reachable. PTS-6180."

Brande says he's been contacted by Groff on multiple numbers that no longer work. "All the numbers that he contacted us by are disconnected. And that's about three different numbers so far?"

Byrne started a Facebook page to see if this happened to anyone else, and she found plenty of people with the same complaints.

"Nice to find out we're not the only ones because we all have each others' back now." Byrne said, "We have a page 'MountainMen Contracting Stole From Us' on Facebook. So if anybody else out there has been affected like we have, please come over, join the page, and share your story."

Brandes has contacted state police about this. No word if charges will be filed by state police.