An organization that helps inmates get back on their feet is leaving Pike County.

Catholic Social Services located in Milford provided drug and alcohol counseling for inmates along with general public.

The county blames a loss of funding for the organization pulling out.

Catholic Social Services has provided these services for the better part of decade. And by the end of the year, the county will need to find a new provider.

Catholic Social Services in Milford has been the outpatient drug and alcohol provider for the last ten years.

“They provide many of the treatment services we rely on for the people who need help with their addictions. “

The organization also handles the assessments of anyone arrested and charged with a DUI.

“People who are charged with DUI have to undergo an initial evaluation and if there is further evaluation needed, they handle that as well.

But due to lack of funding, Catholic social services will be closing their offices on Buist Road in Milford.

“They have eliminated these services in other counties as well. I know Luzerne for sure and they claim its for financial reasons.

County officials were caught off guard by this announcement.

“We had no notice at all. “

And now they are left scrambling to find a new provider by 2020.

“We cannot even go with the removal of these services for a short period of time. “

But Osterberg isn’t ready to panic yet.

“We are working very closely with carbon Monroe pike drug and alcohol and Jamie Drake to bring in those services.”

And he’s confident a new service provider will be in place by the new year.

“We are confident that between the commissioner’s office and our elected officials at the state level this will be a seamless transition.

Osterberg says Carbon Monroe Pike would move into the Catholic Social services old offices in Milford.