Travis Mantz of Slatington was hit in Whitehall Township by a man who was being chased by police.

Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin said the man who hit Mantz is suspected of driving under the influence.

Based on how bad the wreck is, he's lucky to even be alive. A Northampton County police officer was about to conduct a DUI investigation on 55 year old Todd Kresge, and that's when fled police. Kresge died from injuries suffered in the crash. Thankfully the man he hit - Travis Mantz - was able to get himself out of his own car until first responders arrived..

"He had enough sense to unbuckle and get out of the car on his own. He crawled out and just laid on the road screaming until an officer got to him." said Travis' mother Tina Mantz.

This is the car 28 year old Travis Mantz was in after a head on collision with 55 year old Todd Kresge at the intersection of Roosevelt and 2nd streets in Whitehall Township. His mother Tina said it's hard to think her son escaped with nothing but a broken leg. He was on his way to meet her and his older brother at a billiards league match in Northampton. She knew something was wrong when he wasn't picking up his phone.

"I called four of five times. Still no answer." She said, "And then finally he answered the phone. I heard yelling, I heard mumbling, I heard sirens. And I made him answer me. And he said, 'Mom, I was in an accident.'"

Tina feels extremely blessed because she and her other son were supposed to be in that car. They normally drive together to pool night, but she was running late. They decided to meet up later, which unfortunately did not happen.

"It's scary. It's a scary thought. And it could've been reversed. I could've been driving and he could've been. We alternate. Same thing. And my other son could've been with us as well." She said, "So we're very fortunate."

Travis underwent surgery on his leg today because as it was broken in two different places. His mom sends her condolences to the family of Todd Kresge. She said there were two families affected last night, not just one.