This week's blast of arctic air has provided the perfect conditions to allow for an early start to the season on the slopes in Carbon County.

While other resorts across the Poconos are still preparing for winter, both Big Boulder and Blue Mountain Resort will start the season early, thanks to a little help from Mother Nature.

"Weather worked out perfectly, the snowmaking team has really kicked it into overdrive this week, we have more cold temps ahead and we're just gonna keep expanding our product out there," said Pat Morgan, director of freestyle terrain at Jack Frost Big Boulder.

Near-record low November temperatures are serving as the perfect recipe for snowy slopes this weekend.

"We started blowing snow the middle of last week so we've had some great overnight lows then really cold temps tonight which is really gonna improve and enhance what's already out there," said Morgan.

Big Boulder will open two trails Friday afternoon, marking its 15th season as the first resort to open statewide.

"[It's] a pretty exciting honor for us and it shows our commitment to our customer base and to winter," said Morgan.

And when Blue Mountain opens this weekend, it will actually be the earliest the resort has started its season in its 42-year history.

"We started blowing snow last Friday, we have a great snow-making system, it's one of the biggest on the east coast, as soon as the temperatures get right we can push 14,000 gallons a minute of water out on the slopes and just really tune in for the season," said Ashley Seier, marketing specialist at Blue Mountain.

Blue Mountain will open five trails Saturday and will also be looking to fill out its staff at a weekend job fair.

"We're hiring for snowmakers, we're hiring for the rental shop, food and beverage, I think almost every department has a little bit of a need right now," said Seier.

Big Boulder will open at 3:00 Friday afternoon and Blue Mountain will open at 9:00 Saturday morning.